Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Passion vs. Children

Hmm...keeping PASSION alive in a relationship once children have entered the picture. Is it possible?
It’s just sad when I hear some tell me that it isn't. At least when they feel that it isn't. Now I'm not saying that things don't change. Because they sure do. For example...not having to worry about someone getting up for a drink of water or because they had a bad dream is nice. Not having to hold back from expressing your pleasure in the event is a nice thing as well. I think that’s the toughest for me personally. I’m very audio. I need to hear that what I’m doing is well liked. am I going to know? Hearing ones pleasure is very arousing and assists me in reaching climax. Now that doesn’t mean screaming either. I wouldn’t blame a kid for being a little freaked out by that. :) I suggest saving those moments for the casino hotel room..... it seems that the room next to mine is the place to let those emotions out....everyone else does it. LOL
I hear that a lot of people begin to curb themselves once children enter the scene. Now I’m not saying ignore that they are there and go for it right in front of them regardless. NO WAY!! I’m saying that there are ways that passion and desire can be expressed even while they are in the room. Kind of going back to the All Day Foreplay thing. I’m talking about pinches on the butt cheeks, nibbles on the neck or sly brushing of the breast as you reach for something. Notice the word SLY? Pretend you’re James Bond and be “stealthy” about it. This kind of affection displayed in front of a child I believe is healthy. Notice again that I did NOT say Groping of genitals or massive make out sessions in front of the child!  But mom and dad displaying affection and love for one another is a normal healthy piece of relationship that I think should be shared. It helps the child set the standards for healthy, happy relationships in the future.
Some people tell me that they are just exhausted..little Johnny is up and down all night and they aren’t sleeping well and so the only ‘game’ in the bedroom that’s played is when mom and dad race to see who gets to hit the pillow first. me...been there and done that. But when a couples sexual bond becomes less significant, other issues can manifest themselves. Sleep is important...but relationships without Passion can be FATAL!
Sex is NOT everything in a relationship. But it does have a major impact on it. Thousands of dollars in couples counseling can be saved if only one thing is never put on the back burner: lots of passionate sex!!!!
Our Household Motto is....... “Don’t panic when you hear ‘those’ noises coming from Mommy and Daddy’s room. Freak out when you Don’t!! ;0)

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