Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Ok...thanks to another friend and our conversation earlier I have another topic to talk about today. ;0)
The G-spot. Fact or Fiction?
We have all heard about this hidden little jewel. And many of us have felt like Nicholas Cage in National Treasure trying to discover its where abouts. Some have chalked it up to Myth and then we have the few who have claimed to have found it. To which the rest of us go...uh...yeah right! LOL
Well I'm here to tell you that IT'S TRUE!! The very illusive G-Spot DOES in fact exist and I'm happy to tell you where. Well at least the area in which you can narrow your search. ;0)
It just so happens that Passion Parties sells a fantastic product called G-Spot creme. Now my husband and I have an awesome sex life. Pleasing each other has never been an issue but in that deep dark area in the backs of our minds we have wondered about this "spot" from time to time and so this product peaked our interest a bit. So I will admit that with skeptical eyes I tried the G-Spot Creme. OMG!!!! I....I just...I mean...WOW!!
Ok...so here is what you do....
Take a couple pumps of the G-Spot creme and insert it into your vagina as far as your finger will go. Then while curling your finger in an upward circular motion (like a come hither) you spread the G-Spot Creme on the upper lining of your vaginal wall. Next you wait a few minutes (about 3-5) occupying your time elsewhere while the creme takes effect. What this G-Spot creme does is encourages the blood flow to that specific area intensifying the sensations there which helps draw the "spot" more to the surface making it more accessible for stimulation during intercourse. Now Charles and I did something a little different and placed some extra on the tip of his penis. Although the G-Spot Creme does nothing really (physically speaking) for the man, we basically just used his penis to make sure that the creme was reaching the area in which we wanted. But I will say this... Feedback reported to me was that when the woman experiences a G-Spot orgasam during intercourse, the man ENJOYS IT! And it's ALL good!
So my advice to you is DONT GIVE UP! Get out there and find your SPOT and lay claim to it! ;0)

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