Thursday, December 23, 2010


ALL 5 Senses:
Did you know that sex is WAY better for both involved when all FIVE senses are addressed? It's not just about the Wham Bam thank you Ma'am! Not by a long shot. The richer, fuller and exciting the sex is...the more intense and satisfying the orgasm will be! Makes sense to me! I tell you folks...I can not stress how AMAZING this book " The Passion Parties Guide to GREAT SEX " by Pat Davis is! It is a MUST HAVE for all people. What an eye opener it has been. Even for someone like me no stranger to the game. LOL
But back to the 5 senses.......
SIGHT: which is more exciting to see..clutter, laundry scattered or unpaid bills piled up VS. a neat bedroom, no distractions, maybe a scarf over the lamp to soften the light to a nice rosey glow?
HEARING: washing machine running int he background, T.V. blasting, and as for the "act" itself...maybe a grunt or groan here and there VS. Maybe soft sounds of nature, soft music and for te "act" itself, sharing your pleasure with "oohs" and "Ahhs" to express what each touch or kiss is having, maybe even "don't stop" or "that feels good".
TASTE: skin that tastes like moisturizer or salty after a long day VS. Maybe a nice fruit flavor massage cream or a tingly nipple nibbler.
SMELL: The everyday scents of work, sweat, cooking, pets and what not VS. a spicy incense in the background, a little cologne behind the ears, wonderfully perfumed skin after a hot bubble bath or some scent that triggers the memory of when you fisrt met.
and finally...
TOUCH: You both are rushed, one to finish laundry, one to watcht he TV and so you just jump right to the Sex in order to get back to things with minimal touching. VS. Spending a few minutes caressing one another painting pictures with your fingertips, teasing and tantilizing one another, brushing over one anothers nipples and so on.......
Now...take a minute and go through....close your eyes and imagine each of these things in each department and see which one sounds better to you. We are all individuals. Pick the one that right for you and then put it into action.
Some might say....well no way will my man do that for me. Ummm....maybe not. Maybe thats because you gave up on it as well. Maybe you should make that extra effort and see if he doesn't react to it.
Use these tips...Set the mood. When he sits down in front of the TV for game night....walk around the house with nothing but his teams jersey on. Sit next to him and his bowl of popcorn and GET HIS ATTENTION! Meaning.....if he isnt willing to participate....take matters into your "own hands". Maybe he'll just watch...doubt it...but maybe? OR maybe you will become far more interesting then that game and you two start your own.
Then there is the chance that he HONESTLY LOVES the game and if thats the case...that should be respected and a different time chosen. Only you know how he really feels about sports or what not.
I hope that this gives you something to think about. Maybe incorporate into your relationship on a regular basis or even just for a trial run. Either way I hope that you get enjoyment from it and that it re-kindles some of your old feelings and maybe sparks some new ones. In the words of one of my FAVORITE mood setters...Michael Buble...It's a new dawn, It's a new day, It's a new life For me, And I'm feeling good!!!!!!!


  1. Molly,
    I really like your site it's very creative!

  2. Thanks. I hope that it is a help to even one person and I will be thrilled! ;0)

  3. @ Molly Very elegantly written and simple yet conventional....

    coming to your had a great blog...most of the blogspot blogs look untidy and scattered...this makes a mess all around....yours is really superb...and quite its an exception