Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All Day Foreplay!

Why all day? Doesnt it get boring? Well...if it does....your doing it all wrong!
Again we tend to get caught up in all of the everyday hustle and bustle and forget to give ourselves and our partners some much needed attention. But all day? Yes...all day! lol Its a simple little thing...think of it as a game. It starts off with what Pat Davis likes to call "Bringing the Right Woman to the Bedroom"! now you may be thinking...Oh hell no I'm not bringing another woman to the bedroom! LOL Although fun for some...thats NOT what she, or I mean. look at it like this...if you have had a long day at work, your tired, frustrated and maybe a little crabby and you climb into your partner going to have any fun....AND if you have the kind of partner thats ready cause the wind blew...are you going to enjoy it? I'm thinking not1 THATS bringing the wrong woman to the bedroom. Simple trick to bringing the right one to the bedroom is maybe taking...notice I said taking (not having) the time to pamper yourself. Maybe you like manicures or pedicures to help you feel pretty or special. Maybe its a silky piece of lingerie that assists with feeling sexy. Some of our aroma therapy products work nice to for soaking in the tub and having silky soft feeling skin. Whatever it is that makes you feel like a Princess, Pretty, Sexy, good about yourself overall....THATS the Right Woman to bring to the bedroom.
Now all day foreplay is a simple little "game" that you and your partner can play. It doesnt mean all day in bed.....although that at times can be nice...but for todays modern mother....not too likely. lol
At some point while your scrambling around to gEt ready in the morning....give him a nice flirty wink...maybe blow in his ear as he is shaving (watch out and make sure its not around his throat LOL)..or slip a love note in their pocket or briefcase that states how much you want to spend time with them tonight. Whatever it is that fits your style. THEY are Gonna LOVE IT! and think about it ALL DAY. Maybe at some point during the day contact them and remind them how much you care and how much you are attracted to them. the time you get home and the kids are in bed....all those thoughts ALL DAY LONG...can get put into action.
Just a fun thought! can be! ;0)
Try it and let me know how it works out... ;0)

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