Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Ok, a friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, just gave me a topic to write about this morning. YAY!!! thanks! LOL
what a HUGE part of a relationship this one word plays. Sex, well... its just that. although great fun, its main role is to serve a reproductive purpose. Thats it. But ad Intimacy and .....well...now were talking! Intimacy is all about discovering, exploring, sharing and opening up oneself to another in a very close and personal way.
Where sex is a physical part that is important, a relationship can exist without it. However; it will fail miserably without intimacy as its partner. Sure you can get together with someone for the sole purpose of sex, and yes it can be satisfying. But is nothing compared to a relationship that has both.
some examples of this are easy when we look back on some of our old relationships, the first couple we ever had. It was more then likely a physical attraction. I mean honestly, what did those relationships consist of? and as we got older and more mature our desires and needs in a relationship changed. We wanted snuggles and hand holding, conversations and feedback from our partners. All the things that a lot of men roll their eyes at.."oh crap here we go again, she wants to talk about feelings!" lol We searched for intimacy. Think of it as the glue in a relationship. Proof of its effects are seen in those relationships that celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary and more. Sure sex was involved but we also know that as time goes by it becomes less and less important and after a certain age, for most it becomes impossible physically.
Intimacy on the other hand, never fades, and can be achieved at any age of the individual and at any stage in the relationship.
How many of us have gone to bed, maybe feeling tired after dealing with kids all day or work, maybe even feeling under the weather and our partner feels anything BUT. And if we just roll over and ignore their "need" they get upset (even though they claim they are fine) and the next morning there is what I call a "funk". A quietness that leaves you feeling unsettled? Again all is claimed as fine, but there are not many smiles, they seem depressed and you cant figure it out and get nothing out from asking "What's wrong?". Then once you do share intimacy and or sex, all is well again in the world! lol
The need to share emotions and physical touch are huge. Even men require it. Although they have that "macho" way at times of expressing it. They need physical touch as much as we do.
So my advice today......Reach out and touch someone! But then follow the F**** through!!!! LMAO

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