Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Soo...there I am, enjoying "alone time" with my husband lastnight, when right in the middle....REALLY close to the finish actually, you know where the thoughts are more focused and well...yeah...The puppy starts whinning and jumps up and licks my face, I'm guessing out of concern for my well being, I dont know, but talk about a mood killer!!! LOL It was worse than the midnight interference from the kid who just had a bad dream! I mean really! This was actual contact and just UGH! grossed me out!! (Charles, on the other hand, was willing to deal)
Once the bad dream your child just had is scared away then you've gotten hit with..."what were you and daddy doing?" to which we reply something along the lines of..."Ummm....us?, nothing hun, I was just helping daddy support the bed while he adjusted the sheets and blankets again! He wasnt sleeping well and uhhh...yeah...want a cookie?!" The recovery of the "fumble" is much easier!
Sooo.....note to self....not only make sure that the kids are occupied with either with sleep, snack, tv/video game, play or locked door! But for goodness sake!! keep the concerned little puppies away as well!!!

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