Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Me Time

Well hello all. I just happen to have some actual time to myself this morning if you can believe that! For those who may not know me that can be rather difficult due to a house full of kids, three jobs, animals, husband and the ocassional church commitments and nights out! :) Sooo not complainning though!
I have to say that I do so cherish these moments where I have NOTHING to do and a LOT of time to do it in. lol
So many of us out there get so caught up in the (what I like to call) outside world, that we forget all about US, Ourselves, ME! and that to me is a tragedy! Beacuse really, how can we be everything to everyone else when we dont even have the time to remember or discover who we are? There are soo many bills to pay and things to do for others that we take no time for ourselves and those of us that do should take more. I mean come on. How many of us really have the time or have "taken" the time to say...go in, close the door, light some candles maybe, turn on our favorite music, have a glass of wine if we want and slip into a nice hot bath and just be alone?! Whether we close our eyes and relax or sing along while we shave our legs or whatever! Of course I'm all for it if you want to sprinkle some of my passion party products into the tub first.But you dont have to! lol but imagine something like our Plumeria scented bath salts that are full of minerals from the dead sea. Man, my skin feels fantastic after soaking in this product and the Plumeria scent is a natural aphrodisiac! So that cant hurt at all either right? lol then there is the salt glow body scrub that exfoliates the skin and helps remove those dry rough patches on our elbow and knees that come from everyday life. You know...the kind we feel that we have to live in order to accomplish the goals we feel we need to meet. Not saying that we dont but just saying sometimes we forget how easy it can be to take a few minutes of ME time and recharge so to speak.AND the benefits to ALL that come from doing so.
Again, my products are not a MUST to accomplish the "me time" but they are not torturous to the event either. ;0)
So just imagine, honestly, for a moment, how relaxed and recharged just a few moments of this can make you feel.
I know personally speaking that I get up in the morning and when my feet hit the floor its right away, getting kids ready, myself ready, rushing out the door getting first kid to school, then back to get the second kids to school, then home to finish getting myself ready then off to work and spending the day surrounded by other people's problems that I cant help but take on personally at times, then picking up the kids, getting home, preparing dinner, a few household chores if I can and commitments and then bed! Now doing that alone, without the occassional doctor appointments, kid events and pet emergencies have me so exhausted that I dont feel sexy, beautiful or attractive to anyone, let alone myself. And ITS IMPORTANT! Believe it or not, feeling good about ourselves and our appearense and attractiveness IS IMPORTANT! When we dont feel attractive (wanted/needed) our relationships (business and personal) all suffer as a result. When we feel tired and crappy it effects our ENTIRE mood! Meaning what energy we put out into the world AND what energy we receive back from it! When we feel tired and crappy our facial expressions feel tired and crappy as well. We dont make eye contact with people, we sound grumpy and have negative thoughts such as...."I'm not going in there I look like shit!" and so on and we tend to fall into this pattern so much that it becomes WHO WE ARE! and thats BS straight up! Because it does matter what is on the inside! I believe that 100%! and who we are on the inside is a vibrant, beautiful, attractive human that needs to be set free. A DIVA if you will. So PLEASE...if you do recieve nothing else from this blog at least walk away with this....You ARE IMPORTANT, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, SMART, SEXY and CAPABLE OF ANYTHING! We ALL have an INNER DIVA that is inside, waiting to be set free! So take some time to discover her! Get to know her! and then introduce others to her, because she IS who YOU REALLY ARE!

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