Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Toys in the bedroom

Just curious... is using a toy in the bedroom all that bad?! I'll post why I'm asking and my opinion later on today. ;0) Make sure that you post in here by clicking the (add comment) right above here. ;0)

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  1. Ok..well I might hit a nerve here with some but I sure hope not. Because that is not at all my intent. I'm just curious. I mean I have women telling me all the time how their partners wont allow one in the room during intercourse and I just feel.....well....sad for them I guess. I cant speak for everyone else, so i will only speak of my own personal experience. and I welcome any feedback if I'm off here. So let's get to it....
    I personally think that adding a "toy", be it a vibrator (big or little), feather, massage mitten or whatever...(excluding gerbals and other animals or any kind) ha ha :) is an excellent idea. Not just because I sell them either. I was a FAN long before I began this awesome job!
    It is my belief that adding a toy to the situation is an ideal way to open up communication. I mean think about it. You begin talking about if its pleasing or not, where you may or may not like it and so on. Not to mention the conversation around the end result!
    If we are talking about vibrators, which most are, they assist the individual in reaching climax. Notice here that the key word was "assist". Now of course we know that it alone can get the job done, but so can our fingers and hands and they come into the bedroom all the time with us. SO come on. Why not? We walk around with the ability to please ourselves at any given moment. SO whats the difference? In some situations they can assist us in acheiving multiple orgasams.
    Some complaints are that the male partner feels as though their partner will like it more, is trying to replace their inadiquacy and wont need or want them anymore. That is sooo NOT true! Remember that I said how we can all do it ourselves anytime we want? BUT, is it not true that we still seek out and enjoy more that sexual encounter with another person? I know that I do! So again, whats the difference? I enjoy my toys very much alone and even more so WITH my husband. Again it comes back to communication and that is key.
    I have yet...as fine a quality as they are producing these days, found a vibrator, dildo or anything else man made that has made me want to "replace" my husband with it! They are just plain fun and I believe designed to enjoy as a couple as well as alone.
    So come on guys...If it helps, think of it like this... maybe its a project...and your going to do some remodeling at home. You wouldnt tear down a wall and replace it without a hammer, saw and other tools would ya? LOL I know you dont wear a tool belt to the bedroom (wait, on second thought some do, and its hella hot too! but thats a different topic!) LOL Just slip in some different tools and focus on the goal ahead is all.....What all can it hurt?
    Again...if I'm missing it...let me know