Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vibrators in public

Ok...so I got this new little product in a little while ago. Its a remote control vibrator. YES! LOL What I mean is this....It's a little curved bullet that can be inserted vaginally so that the curve presses against the G-Spot area and the completely wireless remote can go roughly 16 feet away (give or take, my experiment says further then that..but at least 16 feet distance) and be used uncontroled by the woman, but completely controled by her partner! How fun is that?! LOL
My question here is this....would you play with it? and if so....would you go out in public an play with it? and if so wouldnt you be concerned about losing the remote and a little kid finding it not knowing what it is (like in that movie) and start playing with it like a race car while your flopping around on the floor like a fish?!?! LOL Just curious..........

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