Friday, December 17, 2010


Again....stressing the importance of getting out as an adult couple and having fun.
For those of you who do not know me....I LOVE to sing! ;0) It's one of my many Passions! I'm not the best at it....But I'm not the worst either! LOL
I haven't been able to go to one of my favorite places in a while because of other things going, lack of time, life and what not. Well....
Lastnight after working all day, getting the kids ready with dinner and such......We went out! YAY! lol
It was such FUN! I got to see people that i havent seen in a long time and sing and hold hands with my hubby and just.....well, be free so to speak, for a bit. It's amazing what that alone will do for a couple.
Earlier that day I was wound up with work issues and everyday life things in general.....(which by the way....why do bill collectors ONLY call when you CAN'T pay them and then when you CAN...The DON'T call?! ok...that was just a blurp in my thoughts process here....sorry!) ;0) moving along...
Charles was beat tired after getting up at 4 am, going to the gym and then to work and driving home an hour then out again with me. Only to have to get up early and do it all again.
So we went out...had a GREAT time...relaxed...un wound...laughed and visited with old friends and sort of re-charged! It was awesome. We came home and our teenagers thought I was drunk (I wasn't) because I was beeming. I was happy and joking around with them, being a goofball. It was kind of sad, because they were not used to seeing me like that. Not in a while anyway. So it was obvious to me that life and how I was running mine was not working and effecting the entire house. Just that little re-charge made a huge difference on my household. It was as if a light went on for me. I didnt realize how ...I dont know...somber I had gotten, Grouchy, bitchy even. But just sharing that little bit of the old me with the kids and having fun pointed out to me how I really had. I dont want to do that. Or be that. lol Not when I dont have to be.
So I will say it again...get out! Even if it is just for a little bit. You don't realize how you can so easily get sucked into everyday stresses and how easily that pattern begins to effect your family.
Have FUN! vivere, la risata, l'amore! = Live, Laugh, Love!

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