Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Is faking it a bad thing?!

Hmm...Is faking it a bad thing?
I mean some people get pissed when they find out that the person they were just with faked their orgasam! Then there are those that think that it is a very caring thing to do. Who's right? or is there even a right answer to give?
Let's start with the things that may be found offensive to the person who is being "faked out" so to speak. Here they are, feeling as though they have just given their performance of a life time and their partner didn't cum. Uhh...maybe Inadequacy? "What was wrong?", "Why didn't they"? Betrayal, feeling lied to (which may lead to other issues in the relationship)? Then there is un concerned, un able to pleasure you and just plain disapointed with themselves and maybe even be feeling the fear of possibly losing you. Who knows?
Now we have the person who has faked it. I would think that they more then likely feel as though they have done a good thing. Probably feeling that they were showing how much they cared for their partner. Thinking that just because they weren't (due to whatever reason) going to orgasam, it didn't mean that their partner shouldn't. And its pretty well known that 9 times out of 10, vocalization, moaning or whatever the moment calls for, helps to intensify the orgasam to whatever degree of difference. But be it a little or alot....I'd have to say that the old saying "Something's better than nothing!" applies here for many.
Oh wait....But then we also have that person who feels that they can physically tell when and IF a woman is faking. Um....yeah right! Oop's...I mean, I'm just saying..... ;0) What do you think?

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